Foodbank on the road in SA

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18 June, 2020


Foodbank, South Australia’s largest distributor of donated produce is hitting the road and heading to the North of the state. The new mobile food hub service will be available in Clare, Kadina, Riverland and Port Lincoln, as part of a new pilot program. 

This service is due to roll out from the 1st July and service the community every two weeks within these regions.

Foodbank SA is a not for profit Food Rescue organisation, assisting the community with affordable, low cost groceries as well as reduce food waste. They have warehouses where welfare agencies can purchase low cost groceries to feed their communities and clients in Whyalla, Riverland, Mt Gambier and Edwardstown.

There are also Food Hubs that are smaller stores across the state in Mt Gambier, Elizabeth, Bowden, Edwardstown, Christies Beach and Whyalla. People in need can access these stores via referral from agencies such as The Salvation Army and those funded by the SA Government for Emergency Relief. Importantly these Hubs offer a dignified shopping experience and clients can have up to 15kg of free fruit and veg, 1-2 loaves of bread for free and then all other items have a small price. These items include dairy, frozen, meat, sanitary and hygiene items, non-perishable food, every day essentials and animal food. Ready made meals are also available for those unable to cook.

Port Lincoln and surrounding regions don’t have access to Foodbank Food Hubs and those in need had to travel long distances to obtain food assistance, often spending more on petrol than they could afford. Local regional agencies such as The Red Cross would help to bring packages to charities in smaller towns in these regions but this new program will provide a better, more direct solution.

This low cost food assists people to save money on their shopping bills. Money they can then put towards other expenses. These savings combined with other services such as Financial Counselling and personal support programs can make a real and lasting difference for the future of someone struggling to make ends meet. Having these mobile hubs visiting regional SA areas will help charities provide the same level of food assistance that is available in Adelaide.

Foodbank is currently identifying other key areas of which the Mobile Food Hub can visit in the future.

For more information about how to contact the services that can help you with cost of living issues ring the Affordable SA Helpline on 1800 025 539 or browse the Affordable SA website. You can also download the free Affordable SA App to help you access this information from the palm of your hand. Affordable SA has been developed by South Australians and proudly staffed by South Australians, for our communities.

by Graeme


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