Getting back to the Shed

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17 June, 2020


Appropriately during Men's Health Week we are hearing the sounds of bolts sliding and the creak of the shed door opening again as COVID-19 restrictions are cautiously being relaxed in South Australia.

Not just four walls holding up a tin roof, the Men's Shed has been a success in unleashing mens need to create, learn and have a chat about it. This week many sheds are reopening after a tools down forced tea-break because of COVID-19.

Many men go fishing, help a mate fix a car or watch the footy with a mate (about all we can do at the moment). We men seem to need a prop or a cause in order to have a chat and open up to our fears and what's really going on in our lives. The Men's Shed has given many of us a place to share stuff happening in our lives and help each other. It's not just a place for the tool skilled, there is a wealth of knowledge and life experience to be shared at your local Men's Shed. To be honest it has got many through a rough period of their lives and most likely saved quite a few lives by simply having a mate lending an ear.

During Mens Health Week I have been catching up with the latest shed's podcast "theshedwireless" which believes that by getting a few blokes together we can fix anything from a wobbly flat pack bookshelf to relationships, our health as well as the ozone layer. A special shout out from the boys at the shed to the Men's Shed at Quorn in South Australia. There is most likely more saw dust than substance but a few good chips of common sense will always prevail.

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By Graeme

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