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1 June, 2020


The first half of this year has undoubtedly knocked us all for six.

In one way or another, our lives have changed.

4 months ago, more people were employed, more small businesses were open, people had holidays booked, athletes were getting ready for the Olympics, couples were planning their weddings, a lot less people worked from home, there were more airplanes in the sky and you didn’t have to worry about whether or not you could buy toilet paper.

We have all seen great change in our day to day lives and that takes a fair bit of resilience.

With COVID-19 having a significant impact on people’s mental health, it is important now more than ever that we look out for one another.

Today, June 1st is ‘Say Something Nice Day’.

So take a moment to say something nice, not just to others but also to yourself.

Be kind to yourself and those around you.

Check up on your friends, neighbours and family members to see how they are doing.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, see the attached link to the COVID-19 Virtual Support Network

By Sam

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As a financial counsellor, this makes my skin crawl.

Along with paying back the original amount, pay day lenders also charge high interest rates, lender’s fees, defer payment fees, default fees, etc.

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By [Sam](