Counsellor Highlight - Positive Lifestyle Program

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17 November, 2017

Another recommendation from the Financial Counsellors highlighting services available on the Affordable SA App and website that have greatly assisted their clients to get their financial situation back on track or that have helped to improve the outcome of the counselling.

Today's Counsellor recommendation is the Positive Lifestyle Program.

The program has been specifically designed to enhance your self-awareness, and to enable you to gain a better understanding of your personal life strengths. A more positive and improved self awareness can greatly help you to focus on the important financial aspects of your life.

Financial stress can impact on your self esteem and many aspects of your daily life. A financial Counsellor can help you to get control of your finances, this program can help you regain your inner strength and many other aspects of self esteem and future directions.

Download the App or check the website for more information about this program and other services that can help you regain control.