Emergency Services Levy Concession

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South Australian residents may be eligible to receive a remission of up to $46 per year on the Emergency Services Levy (ESL) (fixed property) for their principal place of residence.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • live at the property on 1 July of the year the levy notice is issued
  • be a registered owner of the property, or be the holder of a life estate, on 1 July of the year the levy notice is issued
  • hold an eligible card or receive an eligible Centrelink payment between the levy notice issue and due dates.

Residential park residents are not eligible for an ESL remission, as this charge is not normally passed on by residential park operators.

The general remission is available on only one property per person, married couple or domestic partnership and must constitute the persons’/couples’/partners’ principal place of residence. Two or more persons owning land jointly or as tenants in common (other than a married couple or a domestic partnership) are each eligible for a part remission, proportionate to his or her interest in their principal place of residence.

Last updated 21 October, 2019