A Right to be Heard

A new booklet focusing on the issues surrounding domestic violence and the support services available for those in the Murray-Mallee Region. Drawing on previous resources, information and combining the collective knowledge and experiences of individuals and agencies this new booklet covers an extensive range of topics associated with domestic violence and uses examples to help provide context as to the effects of domestic violence as well as providing strategies in dealing with the many scenarios that could be encountered. The range of safety planning and resources specific to the region make for a substantial and conclusive list for anyone in threat of domestic violence in the Murray - Mallee Region. No matter what living arrangement domestic or family violence occurs in, everyone has a right to live in a safe and secure environment without the threat of violence. Domestic violence does not discriminate, it occurs across all cultures, across all socio-economic backgrounds, in all types of intimate relationships and at any stage of relationships – marriage, defacto, dating or separated. The booklet will be available across a range of Council Departments but is available as a PDF below in the related News Article available on the Affordable SA app. The information in the booklet has been compiled from various sources which include the Central and Southern DV Service booklets. The content is not original to the MBRCVAWC and is not used for any financial purposes. The file is large so please consider if your mobile data plan is limited.