Consumer and Business Services DV Protection for renters

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22 August, 2017Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence who are renting their homes may be able to leave violent relationships without facing financial penalties under their rental agreement.

The CBS provides tenancy advise for tenants and agents about all the things related to renting any property.

- Lodge or check status of a bond online

- Residential tenancies

- Residential parks tenancies

- Rooming house tenancies

- Domestic violence protections for the tenancy sector

They offer a series of free short residential tenancy information sessions to help tenants, landlords and agents understand their rights and responsibilities relating to private rental tenancies. You can book online via the Sa Government website.

Most of the online information is listed under the SA Government website so it is worth checking out related topics at first before ringing the advice line.

You can also find out about any rental scams and business to avoid using.

Adelaide and Regional office available and listed below with appointments available by contacting the helpline number.