Migrant Women Support Program

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25 August, 2017Domestic Violence

Migrant Women's Support Program values the right of all people to live in safety and be treated with respect, and it delivers services that offer a range of culturally sensitive supports.

Domestic and/or Family violence is not acceptable in any community or culture. Culture is never an excuse for violence.

The bilingual bicultural staff of Migrant Women's Support Program (MWSP) work with migrant women of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds in unsafe relationships. MWSP targets migrant women and children most at risk of violence.

This program provides culturally sensitive needs and risk assessments, safety planning, support, information, advocacy, referrals and other relevant services.

The program understands and respects the importance of clients’ confidentiality.

MWSP works in partnership with domestic violence services and other service providers including professional interpreters, if required.

Please contact Migrant Women's Support Program for more information or questions about the program, at the Women’s Safety Services SA.