Child Care Benefit

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Helps cover the cost of child care, including long day care, family day care, occasional day care, outside school hours care, vacation care, pre-school, and kindergarten. It may also help cover the cost of child care provided by grandparents, relatives, friends or nannies.

To be eligible, you need to:

- use approved or registered child care

- be responsible for paying the child care fees for your child

- ensure your child is immunised, on an immunisation catch up schedule, or is exempt from the immunisation requirements,

- and meet the residence requirements

To receive more than a zero rate of Child Care Benefit you must meet the income test.

Other factors can affect your Child Care Benefit, including:

- your child starting school

- changes in income

- entering into a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer in which some or all of your child care fees are paid for you

- one of your children no longer using care

- you or your partner no longer meeting the Work, Training, Study test, and

- your participation in work, training or study related commitments

Last updated 24 February, 2016