The Smith Family

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Education expenses are a major consideration for families. Some families struggle to pay for basic education needs such as school fees, stationary items and school books.

Technology has become an important part of everyday learning at school and the cost of purchasing devices and access to the internet at home can put disadvantaged families even further behind.

The Smith family offers many ways to help disadvantaged children. From assisting with purchasing of school education stationary and technology to programs that help to raise their reading and writing skills.

Their Tech Pack program also provides affordable, refurbished, internet-ready computers and internet access to disadvantaged families around Australia. Participating families receive eight hours of skills training with an accredited trainer and 12 months of free internet access and technical support to ensure they can get the most out of using the equipment.

There is no strict locational boundaries but the focus is more on recognised hardship areas and where there is a current partnership with the community or school.

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Last updated 17 January, 2020