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Fire and Disaster Recovery South Australia

Financial counselling helps you manage your debts and get your finances back under control.

Get advice about

  • Your financial situation, to help you fully understand your position.
  • How to prioritise your debts
  • The pros and cons of the options that might work for you in addressing your debts (for example, repayment of loans, negotiating with creditors, bankruptcy and so on. There are always options.
  • Your rights and responsibilities around credit and debt.
  • How to access other services you may need, such as legal services, crisis food and accommodation services, and health services.
  • Bushfire specific Financial Counselling advice

Financial counselling is free, confidential and independent.

Financial Counselling is provided by The Salvation Army Money Care program and based at the Recovery Centre Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Last updated 2 March, 2020


Lobethal - The Salvation Army

1800 025 539

Open, closes 8:00 PM

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What is Emergency Relief? - Homelessness Week 2019

What is Emergency Relief? - Homelessness Week 2019

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7 August, 2019

Many individuals and families are living just one step away from financial hardship and without a little help could find themselves easily slipping into homelessness.

Charity groups and welfare organisations often provide what is called Emergency Relief. It is the means to provide for people in need, the assistance of most benefit to them. This could be food, food vouchers, blankets, clothes, assistance with bills and furniture as well as other vouchers to stores such as K-Mart to purchase much needed goods.

Help may also include medications, access to free glasses, and referrals to free dental care. Many centres provide budget counselling, financial counselling, personal counselling and links to other community programs located across the state.

These welfare agencies are recognised as providing a state wide standard and purchase vouchers from supermarkets and large chains department stores that can be redeemed by those people in need.

A lot of people find it hard to reach out for help and are quite often at desperation point before finally seeking assistance. The providers of Emergency Relief are there to help and to do so with dignity and understanding. They can also refer people to other agencies that may be of further assistance.

See the Affordable App, website or ring the Helpline1800 025 539 for more details.

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