Small Business Bushfire and COVID-19 Financial Counselling

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Fire and Disaster Recovery South Australia

If your small business has been affected by a bushfire or COVID-19, free help is available from a financial counsellor. Small business financial counsellors are qualified professionals who provide advice to small business owners and sole traders in financial difficulty. Their services are non-judgmental, free, independent and confidential.

A specialist small business financial counsellor can talk to you about:

  • options for managing business debts as well as personal debts
  • the implications for directors who have guaranteed a business loan or other service/supply
  • how to dispute business debts in external dispute resolution schemes¬†
  • how to negotiate repayment arrangements:
  • on a tax debt (company or individual)
  • on a lease or utility bill
  • with suppliers
  • on any other business debt.

Please contact the Support Line for financial counselling support.

Last updated 20 October, 2020