Heart & Soul Group Food Delivery Service

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Heart & Soul Group provides fruit, veg, bakery and pantry items to vulnerable families and people in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills.

Online ordering and delivery service for food hampers. You can order your hamper through the Heart & Soul Group web site. All orders must be placed by midnight Thursday for delivery from Monday onwards in the following week. All orders attract a shipping & handling fee of $30 (as of 24th March).

Deliveries will be made as follows:

Western Suburbs - Monday morning

Two Wells - Monday afternoon

Southern Suburbs - Tuesday

Northern Suburbs - Wednesday

Adelaide Hills - Thursday

Eastern Adelaide - Friday

Please note that all orders attract a shipping & handling fee of $30 (as of 24th March 2020) and that all deliveries are NON CONTACT. Their drivers will knock on your door and place the hampers on the ground, then stand 1 metre away from your front door. You then collect your hamper and the driver walks away. Their is no physical contact at all with the drivers and they will not be able to take your hampers any further into the property than your front door.

Last updated 17 June, 2020