Louisa DaCosta Trust

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5 September, 2017Health Care

An unplanned event such as a heart attack, a stroke, a cancer can cause both financial and emotional stress. For a person dependent on a Government pension such as a disability or aged pension life can become even more difficult. If there is minimal family support the additional costs needed to help getting better can be beyond reach.

The Louisa DaCosta Trust provides financial assistance for both unplanned illnesses and also for life long illnesses where Government support is not available.

If you, any family member or a friend is in financial need following a hospital admission and you think a request to Louisa DaCosta Trust can help please contact a health professional in the public hospital setting.

The Trustees are the sole determinators of the financial assistance that is available from Louisa DaCosta Trust. The Trust will consider requests for financial assistance from a SA Public Hospital patients requiring practical assistance to help their recovery and uses the skills and experience of health professionals to determine suitability of support.