SA Dental Service

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SA Dental Service provides public dental clinics in metropolitan areas for adults on low incomes or for children. If a person has infection, swelling or bleeding action may be needed immediately, contact your local SA Dental Service to be triaged for treatment.

Children and young people under 18 years are eligible to attend the School Dental Service, regardless of their parent/guardian’s concession card status. Adults are eligible for basic dental treatment through SA Dental Service and have a current concession card, pension card, health care card, Department of Ventrans Affairs card. If you have a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold or White Card, you may be eligible for treatment with Veteran Dental Services. To find out more, call the Department of Veterans’ Affairs on 13 32 54.

If you are uncertain about eligibility, contact your local clinic for more information (see website for list of local clinics).

**COVID-19 Client Information - see link for further details**

Last updated 31 March, 2020