Adelaide Day Centre for Homeless Persons Inc

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Service is available to men aged 25 years and over who are unemployed, retired or receive the Disability Support Pension.

They provide assistance along with the Care & Housing for the Aged (ACHA) to financially disadvantaged frail aged people who are homeless or living in insecure accommodation and who are in the Intensive Rehabilitation Activity Program.

Services include: gardening, woodwork, crafts, living skills and holistic support Information, referral, housing, welfare, emergency assistance, food, furniture and other material assistance.

Mobile soup kitchen operates every day (except Saturday) from 1st Monday in May to early October at Whitmore Square at 6.30pm & Hurtle Square at 7.15pm.

*Referral and Assessment required for admission into the Intensive Rehabilitation Activity Program.

Last updated 27 October, 2020