Homelessness Gateway Service

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If you are homeless or at risk of being homeless, the Homelessness Gateway Service can help you.

The Homelessness Gateway Services is a 24/7 telephone service which can help you with support and access to emergency accommodation. We make sure everyone that contacts the service is assessed and referred to the right Homelessness Service

You are considered to be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless if you:

  • Are experiencing or escaping domestic or Aboriginal family violence
  • Have trouble maintaining your housing
  • Have been released from institutional care & have nowhere to go Are sleeping rough, in a car or temporary shelter
  • Are couch surfing at a friend or family members place or living in overcrowded Conditions with no or little privacy.
  • Have separated from your partner & have nowhere to go.
  • Are recently unemployed,having problems paying bills or have fallen behind in your rent or mortgage payments
  • Are a young person aged between 15 & 25 years and have been kicked out of home.

Last updated 1 August, 2019