Women's Information Service

The Women's Information Service provides information to South Australian women online, over the phone and in person. We aim to increase access to information that promotes choice and empowerment.

The Women’s Information Service (WIS) also provides a Family Court Support Service. This is a free and confidential service providing trained volunteers to accompany women to the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court in Adelaide. Court processes can be very stressful and take a long time, meaning that women can spend a lot of time waiting alone, which can be daunting.

The Family Court Support (FCS) service provides volunteers to accompany women to court. Volunteers attend a comprehensive training program and are experienced in court processes, giving them the skills and knowledge to accompany women to court and provide the support they need. They can also provide access to Secure Rooms and Childcare to assist you in attending court room proceedings.

Secure Rooms

Where there has been a history of domestic violence, it is recommended that you book a secure room at the court. This service offered by the court provides a safe space away from other parties in your court case, where you can wait until your case is called. Security guards can escort you to and from the secure room.


Free childcare is available at court, however priority is given to court ordered matters and is provided on a ‘first in, first served’ basis. You are not able to book this service.

You can talk to The Women's Information Service about:

Family life and relationships

Domestic/family violence, sexual assault and safety

Health and wellbeing

Accommodation and housing issues

Financial security and independence

Women's groups and events

Education, training and career paths

or anything at all...

We can discuss options and choices relevant to your individual situation.