Adelaide Legal Outreach Service (ALOS)

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ALOS is a free service set up to provide legal advice and support to homeless and disadvantaged persons who need help with legal issues, and who cannot afford a lawyer. The service is free, and anyone with a legal problem is welcome to make an appointment. We offer a confidential, respectful, and supportive service that aims to help our clients to deal with legal problems, small or large. We will take time to listen to what our clients say, explain the law, and help clients to find workable options. Run by the University of Adelaide Law School. The office is staffed by final year law students from the University of Adelaide, and managed by fully qualified supervising solicitors. They also assist clients with managing their own cases, or can refer them to other agencies who have the capacity to handle more complex matters. Such agencies include the Legal Services Commission or JusticeNet SA.

Operates on Fridays out of the Westcare Centre, 11-19 Miller Court, Wright St, Adelaide, see website link for the location.

Contact office between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday or book an appointment through the website.

Last updated 2 December, 2020