Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

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The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) provides a free and independent dispute service for small business and residential consumers who have an unresolved complaint about their telephone or internet service in Australia.

The TIO is able to handle complaints about telephone and internet services, including by collecting any documents or information relevant to the complaint. They have the authority to decide the resolution of a complaint (the telecommunications company is legally obliged to implement) up to $50,000, and make recommendations up to $100,000.

Handling complaints about:

  • billing
  • contracts
  • disability issues
  • faults
  • numbering
  • privacy
  • connections
  • credit management
  • disconnections
  • land access
  • priority service
  • transfers

The website has facts, information and examples of complaints. Its worthwhile taking a look at some of the complaint examples to see if your complaint is similar to others listed.

Last updated 2 December, 2020