Affordable Banking Accounts

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16 January, 2017Money & Finances

A basic bank account is a transaction account that has fee-free features and provides eligible customers with an account they can receive their government benefit payment into and access free banking transactions.

Generally, to qualify for a basic bank account, a customer will need to hold a Pensioner Concession Card, Health Care Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. If a bank requires a customer to hold a Concession Card or Health Care Card, they will typically require that income support or family assistance payments social security benefits be paid into this account. Some banks do not have any eligibility criteria and offer a free transaction account to all customers.

The related website linked below displays bank accounts that have been identified in an Australian Banking Association review of banking offerings as commonly-recognised account features for a basic bank account. It also has links to other issues such as How to get help from the Banks if you're doing it tough.