ConnectEd - Utilities Literacy

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ConnectEd aims to increase knowledge, skills and resources of all community members so they are better able to manage their essential household utilities, including electricity, gas, water and communications. ConnectEd staff work with community members to understand bills, identify opportunities to use less and save, look for better deals, and talk with utilities companies to get a better, fairer outcome.

ConnectEd team members can come and talk to your community group. In a one to two hour session, they focus broadly on energy and water concerns in the community, as well as providing valuable information on ways to help maintain affordable household utilities.

ConnectEd also provide financial counselling case management for individuals and families experiencing difficulty with utilities bills, no matter how simple or complex the situation.

To find out more or make an appointment please follow the links below.

During COVID-19 ConnectED are providing Zoom sessions for members of the public. These sessions may be useful for those in regional areas who would not normally be able to attend the sessions.

Last updated 26 February, 2021