Living Smart in S.A.

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Living Smart is a not-for-profit organisation, which aims to share knowledge with individuals and communities on how to live smarter, healthier and in more sustainable ways.

Covering ten main sustainability topics over 6-8 weeks, the volunteer course facilitators are well trained to present locally relevant information with assistance from locals who know the area. Each session includes lots of group discussions and the sharing of participant knowledge. This is a great way to learn the practical changes you can make in your own homes.

The program is not about people having to make unwanted sacrifices. It’s about patience and the ability to look to the future. We promote a connected approach to living, making lasting changes and finding real solutions for a better quality life now and into the future.

The Energy Partners Program developed the energy module and support materials, which program participants across SA are now using. Local government councils sponsor the Living Smart program, which ran at Holdfast Bay, Onkaparinga and Unley councils in 2016. More sessions will be held in 2017.

Stay in touch with these programs being run in your area through the Affordable SA App/ Events or go to the Living Smart website linked below or your Local Council website.

Last updated 8 May, 2018