Utility Literacy Program

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1 September, 2014Utilities

Keeping people connected to energy, water and communication

Renamed ConnectEd. The Utility Literacy Program has become an integrated service providing training, information sessions and individual case management for clients in their respective geographical areas.

The program offers home energy visits from qualified assessors, and from 2018 education on telecommunications will join the current content on electricity, gas and water. UCWB will provide a website we expect will become an information-rich resource.

Information sessions for community groups

The ConnectEd team is now offering tailored information sessions for community groups. These sessions of one to two hours focus broadly on energy and water concerns in the community as well as valuable information on services available to assist managing household utilities.

Individual case management

We provide financial counselling case management for individuals and families experiencing difficulty with utilities bills, no matter how simple or complex the situation. To make an appointment or find out more, call 8245 7100

Regions CBD, East, Outer North and Outer South Adelaide and Southern Country SA