Green Gym

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Green Gym – Exercise to make a difference, is offered as a fun and free physical activity program where participants will be guided in practical conservation activities that will help to transform and restore urban green spaces for the whole community to enjoy.

The emphasis is on health and social interaction – participants warm up and a cool down in preparation for gentle to moderate activities (such as tree planting, weed removal or even growing food in a community garden).

Modern lifestyles mean that urban dwellers are less active and more isolated than ever before, thus the aims of the Green Gym program are to enhance mental wellbeing, social connectedness and improve physical fitness in individuals. Communities also benefit through the improved and maintained green spaces created through Green Gym.

You can search for projects close to where you live or search by dates you are available.

Unlike many conventional gyms, taking part in a Green Gym is free and a great social activity too, allowing you to meet new people and work together to transform your local area, while also learning new skills.

  • You’ll feel fitter, stronger and healthier through fun and physical activities outdoors
  • You can boost your self-esteem and confidence by learning new skills
  • You can feel less stressed and more resilient by spending time outside in green spaces
  • You can feel more connected to your community and others by volunteering to make a difference

Last updated 21 March, 2019