Financial Counselling

Mob Strong Debt Help

Mob Strong Debt Help is a free nationwide legal advice and financial counselling service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff out of the Financial Rights Legal Centre, Mob Strong Debt Help specialises in consumer financers (such as credit cards, pay day loans and car loans), banking, debt recovery, and insurance (including car, home, life and funeral insurance).

They have information on a list of topics including:

- Energy & Water

- Phone & Internet

- Money Problems

- Debt

- Funeral Products

- Car Problems

- Housing

- Super & Insurance

You can call the Mob Strong Debt Helpline on 1800 808 488, 9am - 4pm, Monday - Friday.

Accomodation Support

Kurlana Tampawardli

Housing and return-to-country support for those visiting Adelaide from remote communities, and for tenants of Housing SA.


Kurlana Tampawardli is dedicated to providing accommodation support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and families in need while they are in Adelaide. Their services primarily focus on assisting families, couples with children, and individuals from remote and regional communities who are at risk of experiencing homelessness.

Key services provided by Kurlana Tampawardli include:

- Short-Term Crisis Accommodation: Offering immediate housing solutions to those facing urgent housing crises.

- Transitional Housing: Providing temporary housing options to support individuals and families in transitioning to more permanent accommodation.

- Community Outreach Services: Engaging with the community through outreach initiatives to identify and address housing needs.

- Returning to Country Assistance: Assisting individuals in returning to their home communities, if desired.

- Case Management Support: Providing personalized case management to guide and support clients in their housing journey.

Additionally, Kurlana Tampawardli offers support to Aboriginal individuals who are tenants of the SA Housing Authority and are at risk of overcrowding or disruption caused by visiting friends and family.

For direct assistance, please contact Kurlana Tampawardli using the phone number provided below or visit their website to request a call back.

Kurlana Tampawardli is committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Adelaide, ensuring they have access to safe and stable accommodation.


Aboriginal Sobriety Group Boxing Club

The Colin Betty Gym & Boxing Club provides mixed gender training sessions which is run by a team of experienced volunteers.

Anyone can be a member of the gym with both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people welcome.

The service is provided at a low cost, which can be found on their website or calling the service directly.


Aboriginal Sobriety Group

A not-for-profit organisation providing care and support to Aboriginal people, individuals, families and communities who wish to lead a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

This service provides healing pathways away from grief, loss, trauma and abusive lives whilst practising Aboriginal culture, custom, tradition and spirituality.

Services include homelessness assistance, crisis accommodation. Mobile Assistance Patrol (MAP) transport, rehabilitation, support and outreach programs.

Homelessness Services

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander People Homelessness Service Provider Directory

Many of these organisations offer a range of community support and information services in addition to the specific homelessness programs.


Moorundi ACCHS

Holistic health care, with a focus on clinical service and wellbeing programs.


Moorundi Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS) deliver a comprehensive range of primary health care services to their communities. Located in Murray Bridge, Victor Harbor and Raukkan, they proivde culturally sensitive and holistic healthcare. Moorundi ACCHS offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique health needs of Indigenous Australians.

Services offered by Moorundi ACCHS:

Clinics & Allied Health - with a focus on:

- Preventative Health

- Chronic Disease Management

- Traditional Healing

- GP Clinics

- Aborginal Health Practitioners

- Team Care Arrangement

- Access to Counselling Services

- Transport to the Clinic


Integrated Care Team (ITC)

The ITC program is designed to help you take control of your chronic disease so you can enjoy your life.

A chronic disease is a disease that you have for a long time (present for at last 6 months) which may affect your ability to do your daily tasks makes it harder for you to enjoy your life.


Becoming Strong Children Team

Services include:

Together Our Children Succeed

- Develop a strong and engaging connection between the education institution and the target groups, and the target groups within the communities, including pre-school students through to, and including, year 12.

- Increase school attendance.

- Improve literacy and numeracy skills.

- Increase year 12 attainment.

- Deliver services in Murray Bridge, Raukkan, Meningie, Tailem Bend, Mannum and other regional locations.

Po:rlar Ka:ngkun Tainkuwalun (PKT) - Children Laughing and Playing

PKT supports Aboriginal families with children aged 0 – 7 years. The program services the Murray Bridge and Coorong regions. It is an outreach based and family focused service. In a friendly environment, the program provides an opportunity for Aboriginal families/caregivers to learn about the role that childhood development plays in school readiness. The program supports Aboriginal families, with pre-school children, to prepare for engagement with, and attendance at school.

What does this service provide?

- Mobile playgroups.

- Special events.

- Themed activities including, food, cultural events and festive occasions.

- Provide support for transitioning to kindergarten or school.

- Linking with other support services.

- Home based support.

- No referral required.

What to expect:

- No cost.

- Healthy snacks provided.

- Continues during school holidays.

- Embraces the Aboriginal culture.

- Provides an opportunity for learning and childhood development through play.

- Positive role modelling.


Healing Our Spirit

Tumbetun Namawi mi:wi (Healing Our Spirit):

- Bringing the Community Together through group events and programs.

- Holistic Health, focusing on the emotional effect on health and well being.

- Social and Emotional Well Being Counselling.

- Mental Health support and management.

- Alcohol And Other Drugs Counselling.

- We encourage programs that link Language and Culture with Social & Emotional Wellbeing.

- Event Organisation - NAIDOC, Reconciliation, Sorry Day and others..

- Trauma informed and person centred care, working with the whole family to achieve the best outcomes.

- Yarning Groups.

- A “Wrap around” service that can link into other Moorundi services.

- Partnering with other services in our region to ensure our Community get the best care, for example joint programs with Headspace.


The Nungas Community Gym

Located at 124 Adelaide Road, Murray Bridge where Ngopamuldi Aboriginal Corporation is.

The facility has everything you need including cardio equipment, strength machines & free weights.

Moorundi ACCHS is more than a healthcare provider; it's a dedicated partner in the pursuit of improved health and quality of life for the Aboriginal community. With unwavering commitment to cultural respect, preventive care, and community engagement, they work tirelessly to nurture a healthier and more resilient future for Indigenous Australians. For further information into the programs and services they offer, you can visit their website.



13YARN [Thirteen YARN] is the first national crisis support line for First Nations Peoples who are feeling overwhelmed or having difficulty coping. They offer a confidential one-on-one yarning opportunity with a Lifeline-trained Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Crisis Supporter who can provide crisis support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 13YARN empowers our community with the opportunity to yarn without judgement and provide a culturally safe space to speak about their needs, worries or concerns.

If you, or someone you know, are feeling worried or no good, we encourage you to connect with 13YARN on 13 92 76 (24 hours/7 days) and talk with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Crisis Supporter.

Key Points about 13YARN

- First national support line for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people in crisis.

- They listen without judgement

- Confidential and anonymous

- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Crisis Supporters

- Available 24/7 across the country and accessible by any phone in Australia

- Culturally Safe Space

- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led service management team


DSSA Aboriginal Connection Program

The Aboriginal Connection Program aims to assist Aboriginal people with alcohol and other drug use issues and complex needs in the inner city and metropolitan areas of Adelaide. The program uses an assessment, case planning and case work approach in transitioning clients through the relevant alcohol and other drug use interventions and treatment stages (including assessment, detoxification, and rehabilitation).

Referrals to the Aboriginal Connection Program may be accepted for consideration if the client is assessed and meets the criteria for a multi-agency intervention through the Adelaide Zero Project – Inner City Community of Practice initiative meeting.

Opening Hours - Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm

Money & Finances

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA)

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) serves, partners, and invests with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who want to own their future.

IBA invests and supports in individuals, families, and communities in the areas of business, assets and investment, and home ownership.

Go to the website for more information.