A not-for-profit provider of primary care services and education for sexual and relationship wellbeing.

SHINE SA Provide sexual health education, early intervention, health promotion, clinical services and therapeutic counselling. SHINE SA provides nurse-led and medical clinical assessment, treatment and counselling services across nine clinical sites. Walk-in and wait clinics provide free responsive access to young people under the age of 30.

For more information please visit their website or call for further details.


Streetlink Youth Health Service

If you are aged 10 to 25, Streetlink can help with your health and medical needs. They are here to support you and your family with health support and counselling about alcohol and other drugs.

The service is free, confidential and safe. Streetlink is an inclusive, respectful service for young people from diverse family and cultural backgrounds, sexualities, and gender identities that can give you information and advice, and connect you with other services that can help.

They offer assessment, counselling and support if you:

- are concerned about your current use

- have stopped using but feel you might start again

- feel your drug use is affecting your mental health

- are pregnant and concerned about alcohol or drug use

- want to connect to medical services to help reduce your use

- want support for a family member's drug use.

Families and guardians can play an important role for young people seeking support. Streetlink can connect with your family while they work with you.

Streetlink can also help with:

- general health checks

- sexual health screening, treatment and advice

- contraception (including emergency)

- mental health support

- pregnancy support.

They can give you information and advice. This can include connecting you with other organisations about issues like housing, emergency support or legal advice.


Rapido HIV Testing

Adelaide’s first rapid HIV testing service, Rapido, offers a free, less confronting testing experience for gay men, men who have sex with men (MSM), and trans and gender diverse people. The service is a ‘peer’ model meaning that the guys doing the rapid testing are not doctors or nurses, they are the same as you. With a simple finger-prick test, you will find out your result in just 20 minutes.

Rapido is open for drop ins and appointments on Monday evenings from 3pm to 6pm (except public holidays)

You can ring us on 7099 5300 to make an appointment in advance, or you can just walk in during our opening times and wait for the first available peer tester.



This service offers information and support to help you quit smoking, improve your health and save you money.

Quitline 13 QUIT (13 78 48) is available between 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday, where you are able to talk with a counsellor or request a call back.

A online chat service is available and a resource for health professionals to make a referral.


SA Dental

SA Dental provides public dental clinics in metropolitan and country areas for children and for eligible adults. If a person has infection, swelling or bleeding, action may be needed immediately - contact your local SA Dental Clinic to be triaged for treatment or after hours, contact HealthDirect Australia on 1800 022 222.

Children and young people under 18 years are eligible to attend SA Dental, regardless of their parent/guardian’s concession card status. Adults are eligible for a range of dental treatment through SA Dental if they hold a current concession card - Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card. If you have a Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold or White Card, you may be eligible for treatment funded by the Department of Veterans' Affairs. For more information, call the Department of Veterans' Affairs on 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372).

If you are uncertain about eligibility, contact your local clinic for more information (see website for list of local clinics).


SMART Recovery Australia

SMART Recovery Australia offers a science-based, self-help program for individuals seeking to manage addictive behaviours. Focusing on empowerment and self-reliance, SMART Recovery provides practical tools and support for people dealing with addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and other behaviours. The program promotes long-term recovery through group meetings, both in-person and online, as well as various educational resources.

Comprehensive Addiction Support Services

SMART Recovery Australia delivers a variety of services designed to support individuals on their recovery journey:

- Facilitated Group Meetings

- Regular group meetings led by trained facilitators.

- Meetings provide a supportive environment to share experiences and strategies.

- Online Meetings

- Virtual group meetings for convenient access to support.

- Suitable for individuals unable to attend in-person meetings.

- SMART Tools and Techniques

- Practical tools based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles.

- Techniques to help individuals manage cravings, cope with urges, and maintain motivation.

- Family and Friends Support Program

- Support groups for family members and friends of individuals with addictive behaviours.

- Resources to help loved ones support the recovery process.

- Educational Resources

- Access to a wide range of materials, including workbooks, videos, and articles.

- Resources aimed at educating individuals about addiction and recovery strategies.

- Facilitator Training

- Comprehensive training programs for individuals interested in becoming SMART Recovery facilitators.

- Ongoing support and development opportunities for facilitators.

Accessibility and Community Engagement

SMART Recovery Australia is committed to making its program accessible to everyone:

- In-Person and Online Meetings: Offering flexibility to participate in recovery groups.

- Nationwide Reach: Meetings available across Australia in various locations.

- Community Partnerships: Collaborations with local organisations to broaden support networks.

- Public Awareness Campaigns: Initiatives to increase understanding of addiction and promote recovery.

Key Features and Benefits

- Evidence-Based Approach: Utilizes scientifically proven methods for addiction recovery.

- Self-Management Focus: Empowers individuals to take control of their recovery.

- Flexible Meeting Options: In-person and online meetings to suit different needs.

- Supportive Community: Encourages sharing and mutual support among participants.

- Comprehensive Resources: Access to a wide array of educational and practical tools.

By providing a structured, supportive, and evidence-based program, SMART Recovery Australia empowers individuals to overcome addictive behaviours and achieve lasting recovery.


The Salvation Army Sobering Up Unit

Provides shelter, support referrals and advocacy for persons who are assessed when presenting at the unit as requiring a safe place to sober up or recover from the immediate effects of alcohol and drug use. The unit also caters for people apprehended under the Public Intoxication Act (PIA) in South Australia. Priority of access is accorded to persons assessed as being in greatest need.

No referral is required. Admission is based on a brief assessment when presenting at the unit.

The service operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Location: 62A Whitmore Square, Adelaide, SA 5000