RentRight SA

Housing advice and advocacy.


RentRight SA is a trusted, free, and independent service dedicated to assisting individuals in maintaining their tenancies in private rental, community housing, or public housing. Their goal is to empower tenants and provide them with the knowledge and guidance they need to navigate the rental process successfully.

Their Services Include:

- Lease Assistance: RentRight SA offers valuable advice and support regarding leases, helping tenants understand their rights and responsibilities. They ensure you have the information needed to make informed decisions throughout your tenancy.

- Bond Dispute Resolution: Dealing with bond disputes can be stressful. RentRight SA provides guidance on handling such situations, helping you navigate the process and ensuring a fair resolution for both parties involved.

- Property Maintenance Support: RentRight SA assists tenants in addressing property maintenance issues. They offer advice on how to communicate effectively with landlords or property managers to ensure repairs are carried out promptly and in compliance with relevant regulations.

- Unpaid Rent Guidance: If you're facing difficulties with unpaid rent, RentRight SA can provide support and guidance. They help tenants understand their options and explore potential solutions to resolve the issue.

- SACAT Advocacy: Our tenancy team is experienced in SACAT proceedings, providing advocacy and support to tenants. We ensure tenants are fairly represented throughout the process, offering guidance and assistance every step of the way.

Contact RentRight SA today to speak with a knowledgeable Tenancy Advisor who can provide personalised assistance. Tenancy Advisors are available from 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can visit their website to make an online enquiry and access valuable resources to support your tenancy journey.