Junction Australia Homelessness Support

Junction Australia Homelessness Support supports individuals and families experiencing or facing homelessness across the Fleurieu including on Kangaroo Island.

Their assistance ranges from emergency accommodation to counselling and support to find long term, safe and stable housing. They provide support for boarding house referrals, community housing applications, help to access other accommodation and referrals to services. They also provide short to medium term support for individuals aged 15+ and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Their support includes:

- Referral to other housing and supports

- Identification of education, employment and training opportunities

- Assistance with strengthening local community relationships

- Sourcing of community resources

They can help:

- Identify and address issues that impact on accommodation

- Develop and work towards personal goals

- Locate, secure and maintain housing

- Connect and collaborate with other agencies and supports.

The Fleurieu Homelessness support service operating along the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula, covers the Victor Harbor, Alexandrina and Yankalilla council regions.

Mobile Service

Orange Sky Mobile Laundry

Orange Sky supports people experiencing homelessness and hardship through access to free laundry, warm showers and genuine conversation.

Orange Sky has a simple formula; to provide a platform for every day Australians to connect through a regular laundry and shower service. The focus is on creating a safe, positive and supportive environment for people who are too often ignored or who feel disconnected from the community. Their team of volunteers are not social workers or experts on homelessness - they are empathetic listeners and great conversationalists.

This service can be found in multiple locations across Adelaide.

1 Location Open

Uniting Country SA Homelessness Service

Supporting those experiencing or at risk of homelessness

UCSA offers a range of services, interventions and programs to assist those at risk of, or affected by, homelessness in country areas across South Australia.

Their support services and partnerships with aligned agencies enable us to provide emergency accommodation, crisis intervention, counselling, case management and long-term support for individuals, young people and families.

They offer a range of programs:

- Yorke and Mid North Homelessness Service

They support people experiencing or at risk of homelessness by helping them to find long-term, safe and affordable housing. With case-managed support including crisis intervention, counselling, and advocacy to help maintain current housing, this program is open to families, single adults, youth and couples living in regional South Australia. This service is available in Yorke & Mid North and Far North regions.

- Coober Pedy Homelessness and Domestic and Aboriginal Family Violence Service

This service assists people who are at risk of homelessness in regional South Australia. They assist families, single adults, young people, and couples with needs assessments, crisis intervention, information, advocacy and counselling. This service is available in Far North regions.

- Port Augusta Youth Homeless Service

This service offers vital support and guidance to young people aged 15 to 25 years who are facing homelessness or at high risk of it. For those who meet the criteria, emergency accommodation can be provided as well as an outreach program that ensures ongoing support and assistance once housing is secured. This service is available in Far North regions.

- Amity Youth Homelessness Service

They provide support for homeless or at-risk young people, providing crisis accommodation, case management, and support for transition to independent living. This service is available in Port Pirie.

- Reconnect Service

This program offers early intervention to youth who are at risk of homelessness or already experiencing it by strengthening their connections with family, employment, education, training, and the community. This service is available in Yorke & Mid North regions.

Mobile Service

One Voice Mobile Showers

One Voice mobile showers is a charitable organisation dedicated to providing essential shower facilities for individuals experiencing homelessness.

What Do They Offer?

- Mobile Shower Units: One Voice operates mobile shower units equipped with all the amenities needed for a hot shower.

- Hygiene and Dignity: These showers offer a sense of dignity, hygiene, and comfort to individuals who may not have regular access to such facilities.

- Accessible Services: The mobile shower units are made easily accessible to individuals experiencing homelessness, providing a safe space for showering.

One Voice operates in multiple locations around Adelaide. You can find their timetable of locations on their website.


Salvation Army Housing SA

Safe homes for those who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness.


Salvation Army Housing (SAH) is a compassionate community housing organization dedicated to assisting individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk. SAH offers a range of housing programs tailored to support those with low incomes and specific support requirements. Their initiatives encompass long-term housing, transitional housing, crisis accommodation, and rooming house properties.

Key Features of Salvation Army Housing:

- Safe and Stable Homes: SAH provides secure and nurturing environments where individuals and families can find stability and a place to call home.

- Tailored Support: SAH recognizes that each person's situation is unique. They offer personalized assistance and resources to address specific needs and help individuals regain independence.

- Diverse Housing Programs: Whether it's a long-term housing solution, transitional support during a challenging period, immediate crisis accommodation, or rooming house options, SAH strives to meet a variety of housing needs.

Salvation Army Housing is committed to alleviating homelessness and supporting vulnerable individuals and families in their journey towards self-sufficiency and improved well-being.

To learn more about Salvation Army Housing and their housing programs, please visit their website or contact their dedicated team directly.


Street Connect

Street Connect refers someone you think may be sleeping rough in the Adelaide CBD, North Adelaide and surrounding parklands to trained and experienced outreach workers from Toward Home, an Alliance of Specialist Homelessness Services.

People sleeping rough aren’t always aware of the services available to them. Some people are difficult for outreach workers to locate because they move from place to place, or find secluded places to sleep and store their belongings.

Only use Street Connect to refer someone you’ve seen in the last 24 hours. Outreach workers won’t remove bedding or other possessions that have been left.

The Toward Home Alliance use the information you provide to visit people within 24 hours and help them access services.

You can make a referral via the online portal.

Youth Service

The Foundry by SYC

The Foundry SYC work with people to have a stable home, a sense of home and to feel safe at home, and support people to find stability and prosperity.

They offer young people aged 17-25 years who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness a safe, affordable and supportive housing option while they work towards moving into independent housing.

Their services also include:

Wellbeing and group activities

Their youth engagement team provide a calendar of group programs and activities. These activities are free for young people, and all materials are provided. Activities include:

- Life Stuff, a group program focused on independent living skills

- Art Workshops, a safe space for creative expression and collaboration

- The Foundry's Cooking Class, where young people learn to cook and share healthy meals together

Employment and career support

They provide mentoring and support to develop skills, explore training and study options and identify passions and strengths so they can confidently take the first of many steps along their career path. Their Career Grit program may be an excellent opportunity if you're a young person looking to find a career path aged 15-24.

Essential support and drop-in service

They provide a safe space for young people to access essential amenities, including laundry and shower facilities, access to fresh food and pantry items and quiet spaces to access computers and phones.

Their team can support and assist young people via referrals to both SYC's services and services provided by other organisations.

Together with Uniting Communities they have joined forces to form Homeless Connect SA. This is a 24/7 state-wide telephone service for anyone experiencing homelessness in South Australia. They are available anytime as a fee call to help you find information and a direct referral to homelessness services.


The Salvation Army Port Augusta Generic Homelessness Service

The Generic Homelessness Service provides a specialist service response and/or intervention to individuals and families.

Their services and supports will aim to assist people to achieve the maximum degree of self-reliance and independence through resolving crisis, re-stablishing family links and to re-establish a capacity to live independently of Specialist Homelessness Services.

Crises Intervention and Outreach

This support is available to individuals and families who find themselves at risk of becoming homeless or currently in homelessness.

Support may include:

- Advice, information and advocacy

- Emergency Accommodation

- Support to apply for Public, Private or Community Housing

- Support to establish a pathway into housing (Case Planning)

- Support to address barriers to your entry into housing

Intensive Tenancy Support

This support is offered to individuals or families who are referred to the Generic Homelessness Service to work with people already in a tenancy where it has been identified as at risk, due to a change in financial position, arrears with rent or water or not having access to equipment to maintain the property. A Case Manager works with clients to identify the risks, discuss current and ongoing needs and formulate a plan for action to be implemented to stabilise and secure the tenancy.

Transitional Housing Program

This service is able to support people to enter or return to housing through a short to medium term lease. Following a nomination and allocation into an available property, the tenant will be supported through an assessment and case management process to identify previous or current barriers to accessing other housing options and use the time in transitional housing to address these.

Supportive Housing Program

The Generic Homelessness Service is a preferred support provider to 5 properties within Port Augusta that commence with a 12 month lease, combined with case management and support to assist tenants with addressing more complex barriers to their homelessness.

Greater Adelaide

Uniting SA Homelessness Services

Uniting SA will work closely with you on your journey out of homelessness, with support, advice and advocacy.

As a provider partner in the Adelaide North West Homelessness Alliance, their aim is to reduce your risk of homelessness by sticking with you through the tough times, acting promptly when you need them and responding early to prevent you being without a home. They can assess your individual situation and work with you to find the best option to suit your needs, whether this be a boarding house, rental support, or community housing.

They can support people of all ages and have a specialised 24-hour residence available to young people.

As a part of our emergency assistance programs, they offer homelessness food services, finance support, transportation, clothing vouchers, telephone amenities, clothing, and pharmacy supplies to eligible individuals.

Their caring team are here to provide you with support, so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the services and programs available to you.

Their Homelessness Support Services can help you:

- Find and maintain housing

- Get support

- Get assistance early

- Get case management support and counselling services

- Live independently

- Get involved in your community