Bfriend is a unique service that has operated in SA for more than 25 years. We support anyone who has questions about sexuality, gender identity and intersex variations, and their loved-ones.

The free and confidential services include peer support, community connections, workplace training and volunteering opportunities for the community. You don’t have to be part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and asexual (LGBTIQA+) community to contact us – we can offer support to parents, friends, workers, and more.

Peer support + community connections

Bfriend’s Community Support Workers can work with you one-to-one and tailor support to your needs. They also offer a link-up service to match people newly identifying as LGBTIQA+ with trained volunteers who can provide peer support.

Staff and volunteers are members of the LGBTIQA+ community, so have lived experience to share and can connect you with other LGBTIQA+-friendly services.

In addition, Bfriend can connect you to community events through the Adelaide LGBTIQA+ Events Page below, you can find out what’s happening locally and access other resources.

Workplace training

LGBTIQA+ people may find it difficult to be open about their sexuality or gender identity, often fearful of receiving poor or discriminatory treatment because of it. Our free, comprehensive workplace training encourages a better understanding of the needs of LGBTIQA+ people.

It provides staff with more confidence to deliver an inclusive, best practice service to LGBTIQA+ individuals, their partners, families and the wider community. The training seeks to raise awareness about issues facing the LGBTIQA+ community, challenge stereotypes and myths related to this community, and enable these learnings to be applied in professional service delivery. Facilitators create a safe and non-judgemental learning space and encourage participants to ask questions and raise concerns as a part of the learning experience.

Benefits include:

- increased confidence and competence for staff in providing inclusive and appropriate care to LGBTIQA+ people

- professional development opportunities for all staff by facilitators who have lived experience as LGBTIQA+ community members

- positive cultural and attitude shifts towards LGBTIQA+ clients and the wider community.


Want to be involved in the LGBTIQA+ community but not sure where to start?

The LGBTIQA+ community is encouraged to be a volunteer with Bfriend, having lived the experience as a part of the community, or even as a parent of someone within the community, your advice and knowledge is often invaluable to others. They believe in celebrating diversity within the LGBTIQA+ community, so people of any age or background are encouraged to volunteer.

Health Care

Throne Harbour Health Alcohol and Other Drug Service

Alcohol and Drug Support for LGBTIQA+ people. An affirming, welcoming and accessible service, designed to meet the specific needs of our communities. This service is run by community, for community.

Alcohol and Other Drug Support for LGBTIQA+ people:

LGBTIQA+ people often have particular needs when it comes to making positive changes to drinking and using drugs.

We know that our communities often experience higher levels of harmful substance use and that the reasons why we drink and use are closely related to the social contexts in which we live - such as many queer spaces like clubs and bars being based around alcohol.

Unfortunately, LGBTIQA+ people are also less likely to find support and help for alcohol and other drug (AOD) use. This is often because of a fear of discrimination or being unable to find appropriate and safe support.

This program is funded by the Adelaide Primary Health Network – an Australian Government Initiative. Our service is free of charge.

Thorne Harbour health offers:


Weekly group support sessions, made for LGBTIQA+ people in Adelaide who want to change addictive behaviour, including their relationship with alcohol and drugs.

These sessions are held weekly in the SAMESH community space. It's FREE and there's no need to RSVP - show up for any session you like and it's up to you if you want to come to another.

This workshop will support people with dependencies on alcohol and drugs to:

- Build and maintain motivation

- Cope with urges and cravings

- Manage thoughts and feelings

- Lead a balanced life.


ReWired is a free, eight-week program for men who have sex with men (MSM) aimed at helping you learn skills and strategies to change your methamphetamine use and better manage your mental health.

The group focuses on topics including:

- Relapse prevention

- Methamphetamine and the brain

- HIV/STIs & sex

- Mental wellbeing and mindfulness

- Intimacy and relationships.

Participants decide on some goals around their use, explore their individual motivators and triggers associated with their use patterns, and develop strategies to support achieving these goals long term.


Experienced counsellors meet with you to discuss your concerns around your alcohol or drug use and help you to achieve your goals.

You may wish to learn more about the effects of drug use on your health or mental health, find strategies to better control or reduce your drug use, or access support to stop using completely and improve your wellbeing.

Whatever your goals - whether it is to control, reduce or stop your alcohol or drug use, counsellors will be able to help you with:

- Exploring the role and meaning of alcohol and drugs in your life

- Reducing the harms associated with alcohol and drug use

- Developing a plan and practical strategies to control or reduce your use

- Assisting you to plan to cease your drug use and provide you with strategies to prevent relapse

- Referral to Thorne Harbour Health’s therapeutic groups or other treatment services including residential or non-residential withdrawal and/or rehabilitation


Sometimes people only need a short number of focussed sessions rather than longer term counselling. This might be to:

- Help you explore whether alcohol and or drug treatment is right for you

- Help you identify what your most pressing needs are right now

- Check in on your progress after completing treatment

- Help you identify resources and supports

- Get you back on track after a lapse


Sometimes, when a person is struggling with drug and alcohol issues, they may need support in other areas of their life like housing, accessing health or mental health services or connecting with community supports like social groups and activities.

A Care & Recovery Coordinator can work with you to look at the different areas of your life and help you to create a plan and work out goals to help you move forward, not only in changing your drug and alcohol use but in other areas too.

Working with a Care & Recovery Coordinator you will be supported to:

- Develop a support plan and develop achievable goals in different areas of your life

- Access residential and non-residential alcohol and other drug withdrawal services

- Link in with health and mental health services

- Access Centrelink services

- Access employment services

- Connect with education providers

- Connect with community supports, including social and living skills groups, to help you in your recovery

A Care & Recovery Coordinator will be able to help you access services by organising referrals and where needed, taking you to appointments and introducing you to other service providers. They will also support you on your journey to help you stay on track and access services as your needs and goals change.

Mental Health

Thorne Harbour Health Mental Health Service

Specialist Mental Health Support for LGBTIQA+ People. This service is for all queer people experiencing mental illness and psychological distress aged 16 and over.

Mental Health Support for LGBTIQA+ People:

We understand how homophobia, biphobia, intersexism and transphobia can impact mental health. These are some of the barriers LGBTIQA+ community members can experience when finding support.

THH staff are mostly LGBTIQA+ themselves and have lots of experience working with LGBTIQA+ clients. They offer a trauma-informed, sex-positive, gender and sexuality-affirming service.

They provide peer support, group work, brief counselling, and psychological therapies. All clients seeking counselling are offered a Single Session of up to 90 minutes with a mental health clinician. For many people, this is enough to meet their needs.

Clients may self-refer or be referred via their GP or other health provider.

This program is funded by the Adelaide Primary Health Network – an Australian Government Initiative. The service is free of charge.

Please note: there is currently a 4-6 month wait for mental health services, including peer support.

This service is for LGBTIQA+ people aged 16 and above.

Mental Health Treatment Plans are required. If you don't have one or don't know what this is, reach out to Thorne Harbour Health and they can help.

Health Care


SAMESH is here to prevent the spread of HIV and improve the health and wellbeing of our gender, sex, and sexually diverse communities in South Australia. They use targeted health campaigns, community education, training, peer support, health services, and so much more to equip our communities with the information and resources they need to take control of their health and wellbeing. Plus, they recognise the importance of making sure communities are socially connected.

SAMESH offers the following services:


Hundreds of Australians are still diagnosed every year. Thankfully, there are more tools for HIV prevention than ever before including: condoms, PEP, PrEP and an undetectable viral load. While the majority of new diagnoses in Australia are among men who have sex with other men, the reality is that HIV can affect any of us. So it’s important for everyone to know how to prevent HIV.

SAMESH delivers health promotion campaigns, safe sex packs, workshops, and training.


Whether it’s coming out or being diagnosed with HIV, sometimes it can help to talk with people face-to-face and work through stuff together. Check out Stepping Out or Phoenix - two workshops helping connect you with like-minded individuals.


Understanding sexual health is important for everyone. SAMESH is here to help with practical ways you can use to take control of your sexual health. Whether you want to learn more about testing or get a better understanding of STIs and how to prevent them, they're here for you. They offer education and training as well as run health promotion campaigns for our communities. They also like to make sure everyone has easy access to condoms, lube, and other sexual health resources.


With advances in treatment, HIV is now a chronic manageable infection. Someone diagnosed with HIV today can expect to have a long and healthy life. SAMESH is here to help ensure people living with HIV are empowered to take control of their health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, people living with HIV still face stigma and discrimination. Those challenges can make staying well difficult. That’s why they offer counselling, peer support, workshops, leadership development, and more for people living with HIV.


Looking after your mental health and wellbeing

is just as important as your physical health. Whether it's stress, anxiety, depression or something else entirely — SAMESH provides face-to-face and online counselling.



QLife is for LGBTIQ+ people and their loved ones wanting to talk about a range of issues including sexuality, gender, bodies, feelings, or relationships. While QLife does not provide specific advice or treatment for medical conditions, people who contact QLife may do so as a tool to support their mental health including but not limited to depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, gender dysphoria, and loneliness.


Anyone who is LGBTIQ+ or diverse in their sexuality or gender is welcome to contact QLife. As are those who support LGBTIQ+ people including professionals, family members and friends.


QLife is a free and anonymous service run by LGBTIQ+ people for LGBTIQ+ people. It provides Australia-wide peer support and referral service via telephone, 1800 184 527, or webchat, QLife does not provide crisis mental health services. Please contact mental health services in your local area for crisis mental health support or phone 000 in an emergency.


QLife peer support is delivered by telephone and webchat. In addition, there are resources and information you can access through our website at any time.


QLife is a peer support service, our peer supporters cannot provide counselling however they can provide referrals to LGBTIQ+ inclusive counselling service if needed.


QLife is available from 3pm to midnight each day, including over holidays. QLife is accessible from each Australian State and Territory between 3pm and midnight local time.


QLife is a free service. If you choose to access QLife via webchat, this will use a minimal amount of data on your device, unless you are using WiFi. If a peer supporter provides you with a referral to a different service or program, the peer supporter will endeavour to let you know if there are any fees attached to the external service, however we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these quotes as we rely on the external services to keep their details up to date.


QLife is accessed by calling 1800 184 527, or webchat through If you are contacting us by phone, you will be able to stay in a hold queue for up to 30 minutes if your call cannot be answered immediately. After 30 minutes on hold, your call will end and you will be invited to try again later.

If you are deaf or have difficulty hearing or speaking you can talk to a Qlife Peer Supporter through the National Relay Service (NRS) on the below details:

- TTY (teletypewriter) users phone 133 677 then ask for Qlife – 1800 184 527

- Speak and Listen users phone 1300 555 727 then ask for Qlife – 1800 184 527

- Internet relay users connect to the NRS by clicking NRS Chat Call then ask for Qlife – 1800 184 527

The NRS is a phone/internet solution for people who are deaf or have difficulty hearing or speaking. For more information, see NRS Information. For a video explaining their services, click for an NRS video.


Gender Country Connect SA

Do you live in Country SA and have questions about being or supporting those who identify as trans, gender diverse or gender questioning?

SHINE SA’s Gender Connect Country SA is a FREE service that provides confidential support from peer workers with lived experience of gender diversity.

Please note this service does not provide crisis support.

This service is for anyone living in Country SA but will be the most beneficial for:

- People who identify as trans, gender diverse or gender questioning

- People who are supporting someone who is transgender, gender diverse or gender questioning

- Professionals and organisations who would like to learn more about working inclusively with trans, gender diverse or gender questioning community members

Are you transgender, gender diverse, or gender questioning?

Gender Connect can provide:

- Support, advice, and understanding by Peer Support Workers with lived experience as a trans or gender diverse person

- Information and resources about gender and gender affirming transition options

- Information about social and community groups and other opportunities to connect with community members

- A Wellbeing Check by one of our Peer Support Workers (see Wellbeing Check)

Peer Support Services

Phone Service

08 7099 5390

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

(closed on Public Holidays)

3:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Proudly Safe SA

As a young LGBTIQA+ person in Australia, it’s important to stay safe online. On this website, you’ll find tips and resources to help you confidently navigate the online world.

Proudly Safe SA is an online resource that offers comprehensive guidance and support for young LGBTIQA+ individuals to navigate the internet and dating apps safely. The website provides a range of strategies, tips, and information to help young people stay safe and protect their privacy when using these platforms. It offers practical advice on identifying and reporting harassment, bullying, and abuse and how to recognise potential risks and scams. The website also provides information on accessing support services and connecting with like-minded individuals who share similar experiences. By empowering young LGBTIQA+ individuals with the knowledge and tools to stay safe, Proudly Safe SA is helping to create a more inclusive and supportive online community.

Proudly Safe provides resources on:

- Safe social networking: Learn how to protect your privacy and avoid online bullying and harassment on social media platforms.

- Cybersecurity: Find out how to secure your personal information and prevent identity theft.

- Online safety for dating: Get advice on how to stay safe when meeting new people online, including how to spot scams and red flags.

- Supporting others: If you’re worried about a friend or loved one, we have resources and information to help you support them and keep them safe online.