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14 September, 2018

Many of us will go through financial problems at some stage in our lives. Some will waiver in and out of financial stress on a regular basis and most people are only one life-changing event away from hardship.

There are so many uncontrollable life events that can send us into financial hardship. South Australians in recent years have been subjected to a changing workplace environment with industries winding down or transitioning. The cost of utilities such as power and water has skyrocket to record heights.

The more personal scenarios we see are family breakdowns. Divorce and separation can be both emotionally and financial difficult. Domestic Violence. Problem gambling is still a huge burden in the community or a partner who leaves you with a hefty share of uncontrollable debt through credit cards and bad financial loans.

Our health too plays an important part in managing our lifestyle. Serious illness can strike anyone and the cost of care along with changing employment or income due to illness can quickly impact of your ability to maintain lifestyle and can send a financial shock wave through your life.

Not many of us are well prepared for life’s curve balls and seeking help can seem confusing or as confronting as the issue itself. Most service providers now understand that maintaining dignity and confidentiality can be just as important as providing the service, and the more people know and can self manage the more in control they can feel. More control means less stress and the sooner you seek help the less likely debt will accumulate.

The Affordable SA Program is at hand to support and empower you to make informed decisions and connect you easily and readily to valuable independent, confidential and free services in your area.

The Affordable SA Program can be accessed at,, or is free to download through Apple and Google search 'AffordableSA'. 

Affordable SA also is supported through a Helpline service 9.30am to 8pm Monday to Thursday and 9.30am to 4.30pm Fridays its a free call 1800 036 539.

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