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7 November, 2018

There are many services to assist people experiencing cost of living pressures but finding these services can be difficult. "You don't know what you don't know". People don't know where to look, many don't know what they are entitled to or how to access the services that are free and are there to help them.

The Affordable SA is a South Australian designed and supported suite of services consisting of an App, Website and a Helpline to get you easily connected to the services that can best meet your needs depending on your individual situation.

A cost of living support community where you are the focus. Where you can learn what services are available to assist you, if you are eligible and how to access them quickly and easily. Though aimed specifically for people in need Affordable SA has quickly become a useful mobile tool for Social Workers, Financial Counsellors, Police and anyone needing to quickly identify useful assistance for people in need.

It's easy to become part of the Affordable SA Community. Download the free App available for Android or Apple devices or go to the website chat to us on facebook or if you need to speak to someone about your cost of living worries ring the Helpline on 1800 025 539.

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