Pepperoni, pineapple and Payments - How do you serve your budget pizza?

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4 September, 2019

Imagine that you have invited 10 guests for pizza night. You go to the freezer, take out a pizza and look at the box, it says Serves 8. Your stomach drops, you don’t have enough pizza. What do you do?

You think, ‘I can make this work’. You cook the pizza, take it out to the table and start to slice. The pieces are all different sizes. You cut 9 slices and realise there is not enough pizza. You are willing to miss out, but one of your guests is going to miss out too. Who will it be?

You start to pass the slices around the table. Some of your guests are pleased with their slices, others are confused. One guest bangs their fist on the table demanding more pizza because they didn’t get enough. One guest snatches another guest’s slice before it can be placed on the table. The guest who doesn’t receive a slice just sits there staring at you, the following day they text you demanding 2 slices the next time they see you. 

Your guests are like creditors. 

Creditors are expecting a certain amount from you each week, fortnight or month and if they do not get this amount and you do not explain why, things can get messy. 

The important thing to know about creditors is that they understand there are times when you do not have enough to go around. Creditors have trained teams of people to assist when this happens. Therefore, it is important to be up front and honest with your creditors about what has changed and how this change has affected your circumstances. 

Do not hesitate. There are more options available to you, the sooner you take action. 

If you would like to speak to a Financial Counsellor to discuss your options further, call the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 or search for the National Debt Helpline on the Affordable SA App.

By Sam

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