Saved by the Bell - Submissions for School Card now open

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13 January, 2020

If your child attends a government school and you meet the eligibility criteria you may qualify for the School Card scheme.

Provided by the Department of Education, the School Card scheme offers financial assistance to families to help cover school fees and in some instances other educational expenses such as uniform, camps and excursion costs.

For more information call 1800 672 758 or visit

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Think outside the box

Our lives are filled with stuff.

Stuff can be found falling out of bathroom cabinets, hidden under beds, tucked into ceiling cavities, wedged behind couches, stacked up against garage walls and shoved into cupboards. To deal with stuff, many people choose to rent large metal boxes to lock their stuff away for months or even years at a time.

There are many reasons why people choose to put their stuff into storage. People may downsize their home, separate from a partner, leave their house, go into a retirement home or pass away, which ultimately leaves their stuff without a place to go.

Self-Storage can be a useful option for some people. However, as Financial Counsellors we often speak to people who have a storage unit but due to financial hardship have fallen behind on their payments. What people may not realise is that some storage facilities may not release your belongings to you unless you are up to date with your payments. Furthermore, if you fall too far behind on your payments your belongings may be sold at auction.

Therefore, before deciding to put your stuff into storage it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

- Can I afford a storage unit?

- Have I read the contract?

- Do I know what happens to my belongings if I cannot make the payments?

- Is the cost of maintaining the storage unit more than the cost of replacing my items?

- Do the items have sentimental value? If yes, is there an alternative option, such as a storing the items with a friend or family member?

- Can some of my belongings be stored electronically (e.g. documents and photos)?

- Will I need the items within the next 12 months? If not, could the items be sold or donated?

If you have fallen behind on your storage repayments and you would like to talk to a Financial Counsellor about your situation, call the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 or search for the National Debt Helpline on the Affordable SA App.

By Sam


Know the Code - Code Red and Blue

No one likes a heat wave or a cold snap but spare of thought for the members of our community that are unable to escape the weather. For people sleeping rough, every day is a battle but add extreme weather and the results can be fatal.

To ensure that people sleeping rough have the support and services that they need to get through bouts of extreme weather, the South Australian Government will activate a Code Red for extreme heat or a Code Blue for extreme cold. A Code Red will be activated if the average daily temperature is above 32°C for 3 consecutive days and a Code Blue will be activated if any 2 of the following conditions occur for 3 consecutive days; average night time temperature falls below 6°C, there is significant rainfall and/or damaging winds

If a Code Red or Blue is activated, homelessness services and shelters are notified to provide additional support and services for people sleeping rough.

The South Australian Department of Human Services will notify the public via social media if a Code Blue or Red has been activated. Homelessness services will reach out to known rough sleeper locations to inform people of the extra services that are available.

For more information about the extra services that are available during a Code Red or Blue, search for Housing SA in the Affordable SA App or contact the Homelessness Gateway Service on 1800 003 308.

For more information on Homelessness visit []( or download the Affordable SA App today free from Google Play or App Store.