Storage Wars

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1 October, 2019

We all have stuff. Possessions that have some personal value and we take from place to place, from rental to rental or house to house and even from relationship to relationship. Quite often our stuff is not as transportable as we think and we put our stuff into paid storage areas whilst we find a new place to live or sort out some facet of our lives.

The costs of such storage can accumulate quickly and if payments become unmanageable the debt can sometimes be many times greater than the actual financial value of the goods. Storage companies rightfully want their money before granting further access to our stuff. Clothes, furniture, toys and memories held to ransom for what seemed an affordable solution in the short term.

We field many calls to the Affordable Helpline 1800 025 539 from people with substantial storage debt as part of their overall financial hardship.

Life’s transitions such as relationship separations, moving interstate, elderly couples downsizing or even a partner's car in storage can quickly become a burden and you can find yourself falling further and further behind. Sometimes the imperative of escaping violence and finding a safe place away from that violence puts many into these financial situations and there are specific groups that can help.

Storage is not cheap and can quickly become large debt. We are quick to justify it as a small monthly sum but perhaps a better way is to consider, what your stuff is really worth and how that stacks up to several months or a yearly payment of storage. The difference may be thousands of dollars. You might need to reconsider how much your stuff really means to you or if Gumtree is a far better option.

By Graeme

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