Young Carers SA

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18 December, 2017

On average there are two to three young carers in every classroom.

Young carers provide support for a parent, partner, child, sibling, relative or friend who has a disability, is elderly or frail, or who has a severe mental or physical illness. Carers SA has a special program to assist Carers under the age of 25 to help balance caring, study, work, and having a social life too.

Many young carers find it difficult to balance education with caring. Making it hard to concentrate at school or to have time to finish homework. Carers SA has a team who are experienced in speaking to carers under 25 and can provide support, information and referrals specific to your situation.

Does your teacher understand about your caring role? Carers SA Young Carer Workers can help in raising awareness of young carers in schools. In some areas Carers SA might also be able to help with tutoring outside of school hours, or assist with the cost of school uniforms and textbooks, and also help with getting you ready for the world of work – if they cannot help directly they can put you in touch with other support services who may be able to.

Carers SA will help you to reach your potential.