School Card Scheme

The School Card Scheme offers financial assistance with school fees (materials and services charges) for students attending government schools in that year.

Applications for the current year close in mid November. Applications for the new year open in mid January.

If your school fees (materials and services charges) are less than the School Card subsidy, the scheme can also help with other educational expenses such as uniform, camp and excursion costs.

For students at non-government schools, parents are encouraged to speak directly to the school about financial assistance.

Applications can be submitted online or you can request and submit an application to your school.


Residential Park Resident Concession

If you live in a residential or caravan park you may be eligible for the Residential Park Resident Concession which is a single combined concession to help with your energy, water and sewerage bills. You may also be eligible to receive the Cost of Living Concession.

No Emergency Services Levy (fixed property) concession is payable, as this levy is not normally charged to residents of residential parks.

To be eligible you must:

  • Occupy the property as your principal place of residence.
  • Hold an eligible concession card or receive an eligible Centrelink Payment.

For further information and to get the application form please go to the ConcessionsSA website below or contact the ConcessionsSA Hotline.


Funeral AssistanceSA

To apply for assistance, use the online application form. Processing delays will apply to applications received by post.

COVID-19 restrictions can affect the number of attendees permitted at funerals. See the COVID-19 website below for for current information. 

People who have recently experienced the death of a friend or family member and who have tried all options to raise funds or obtain credit may be eligible for help through Funeral AssistanceSA.

You can apply online, by email or fax. The application form can be obtained from the website.

Please call for further information on eligibility, what is covered and what you will need or visit the website below.


Transport Concession Card

A Transport Concession Card entitles the holder to concession travel on Adelaide Metro bus, train, tram services.

For more information on eligibility and to apply online, go the website below or contact the ConcessionsSA Hotline.


Concession Stamps

If you hold a Federal Government Concession Card you may be eligible for a reduced rate on stamps and other services.

With a free Australia Post Concession account, you'll pay just 60c per stamp, instead of $1. You can buy up to 50 stamps per year, in booklets of 5 for $3. You'll even get a free booklet of 5 concession stamps to get you started.

To be eligible, you must have a:

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Health Care Card (all types)
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Card
  • Veterans' Repatriation Health Card

For more information and to get the application form please go to Australia Post's web site.

The application form is also available through the link below.


Public Transport Plus One FREE COMPANION Card

The Plus One FREE COMPANION Card assists people who have severe and permanent impairments which limit their ability to use public transport independently. It allows them to be accompanied by a carer who travels free of charge on all Adelaide Metro bus, train and tram services.

You can apply for a Plus One FREE COMPANION Card if you are a permanent resident of South Australia and have severe and permanent disabilities which limits your capacity to use public transport independently.

As part of the application, you will need one passport-sized colour photograph (head and shoulders), which must be certified by a responsible person who:

  • is 18 years of age
  • has known the applicant for at least 12 months
  • is not related to the applicant by birth or marriage
  • is not in a de facto relationship with the applicant (this includes a same sex relationship)
  • does not live at the applicant's address.

You may need help from a GP, medical specialist or mobility instructor to complete the application.

You can access the application form via the website.

For further information, visit the website or call the number below.


Personal AlertSA (PASA)

COVID-19 update: changes have been made to the way some services are delivered. To apply to Personal AlertSA (PASA), scan and email your completed application to Processing delays will apply to applications received by post.

A personal alert system is a device that enables people to call for help in an emergency if they are unable to access or use a telephone.

ConcessionsSA offers assistance to eligible applicants for the purchasing and monitoring of the system. Funds are paid directly to your supplier. If the total charges are more than the payment amount, you are responsible for paying the difference directly to your supplier.

The website includes detailed eligibility criteria and information on how to apply.