RentRight SA (formerly TIAS)

RentRight SA is a free and independent service that assists people to maintain their tenancies in private rental, community housing or public housing.

RentRight SA provides advice and guidance regarding:

- Leases

- Bond disputes

- Property maintenance

- Unpaid rent


The RentRight SA tenancy team are experienced with SACAT proceedings and can provide advocacy and support to ensure tenants are fairly represented through the process.

Call RentRight SA to speak to a tenancy advisor or visit the website to make an online enquiry.

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HomeStart Finance

HomeStart is a State Government organisation that is focused on providing affordable home loans for South Australians.

Homestart has a number of different loans that can reduce your upfront costs and boost your borrowing power.

For further information about their loans and your eligibility contact Homestart or go to their website.

Their website also has a range of easy to use tools and calculators about how much you can borrow and what your repayments may be.

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Housing SA

SA Housing Authority delivers social housing services under the banner of “Housing SA”.

Housing SA provides rental properties for people on lower incomes where tenants typically pay no more than 25% of their income

Visit their website for further information on all topics related to public housing and to register for public and community housing.


Private Rental Liaison Program

This program is for people having difficulty getting a private rental by themselves, who could maintain a private rental with help.

Customers can be referred to the Private Rental Liaison Program after a housing advice appointment, a Private Rental Assistance Program assessment or they’ve attended a Housing SA private rental liaison workshop.

Housing SA will provide information, practical assistance and support where possible to help maintain a private rental tenancy for, at most, the first six months of the tenancy.

For further information look at the program web site.


Help paying bond and rent

You may be able to get help from the SA Housing Authority with paying for all or part of a bond and up to two weeks' rent in advance.

This is to help you get a rental property such as a private rental, boarding house & shelters or community housing . For more information about who can apply go to the website below.

You can apply online through the web site below yourself or a support worker can help you apply.


Commonwealth Rent Assistance

Rent Assistance is a non-taxable income supplement paid to people who rent in the private rental market or community housing.

To be eligible for Rent Assistance, a person or family must qualify for an eligible social security payment, more than the base rate of Family Tax Benefit A, or an eligible Department of Veterans' Affairs service pension or income support supplement. How much Rent Assistance you get depends on how much rent you pay. You do not need to submit a claim for Rent Assistance, your eligibility is assessed when you claim one of the eligible payments.

For more information, visit the website below.


National Rental Affordability Scheme

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) makes affordable private rental housing available to low and moderate income families and households.

To rent a NRAS property in South Australia you must contact NRAS property managers directly. There are eligibility criteria for NRAS tenants.


First Home Owners Grant (FHOG)

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is paid by the State Government to eligible first home owners.

The payment is made only after an application has been submitted and approved.

The grant is a one off payment of up to $15,000 that is for the purchase or construction of a new residential property such as a house, flat, unit, townhouse or apartment anywhere in South Australia.

The residential property must be occupied by you as your principal place of residence for a continuous period of at least six months starting within 12 months of the date of settlement for contracts to purchase, or the date construction is completed for owner builders or contracts to build. Full eligibility requirements and further information are available on the website.


HomeSeeker SA

HomeSeeker SA gives eligible buyers the opportunity to purchase affordable homes in South Australia, before they are available on the open market — meaning low to middle income earners have the opportunity to buy a home for a period of time at a fixed price, without having to compete with real estate investors.

Eligibility to buy a home through HomeSeeker SA is:

- Your annual household income is less than $110,000 before tax (couple or family) OR $85,000 before tax (single).

- Your assets are valued at less than $616,000 (couple or family) OR $482,500 (single).

- You do not own any residential property, including overseas or in regional Australia OR have a binding contract for the sale of a residential property in place.

- You will live in the new home for at least 6 months within the first 12 months of purchasing.

- You or the person you are buying the home with are/is an Australian citizen or hold permanent residency in Australia and is 18 years or older.

- You have saved up enough money for a deposit and upfront fees and charges to buy a home.

- You have finance pre-approval from a bank or finance institution.

The HomeSeeker SA website also has tips on renting, including a step-by-step guide to the rental process.

Visit the website for more information and to browse a range of HomeSeeker SA properties and access resources to help you understand and navigate the home buying process.