Australian Migrant Resource Centre

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Money & Finances

The Australian Migrant Resource Centre (AMRC) specialises in humanitarian and migrant settlement, and community capacity building and development for young people, women and other migrants, empowering them through training and employment initiatives. By assisting to build community, the AMRC supports new arrivals and their new and establishing groups and communities to engage with and contribute effectively to South Australia’s society, culture, economy and environment.

AMRC provide statewide case-management services and support to onshore asylum seekers while they await the resolution of their immigration status. This department is referred to as the Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS). People previously rejected from the program in the past may be eligible to re-enter the program and eligible for a Centrelink payment.

AMRC are offering approx. $75 - $100 towards utility bills for eligible clients.

Last updated 17 September, 2020