ConnectEd - Utilities Literacy

ConnectEd aims to increase knowledge, skills and resources of all community members so they are better able to manage their essential household utilities, including electricity, gas, water and communications. ConnectEd staff work with community members to understand bills, identify opportunities to use less and save, look for better deals, and talk with utilities companies to get a better, fairer outcome.

ConnectEd team members can come and talk to your community group. In a one to two hour session, they focus broadly on energy and water concerns in the community, as well as providing valuable information on ways to help maintain affordable household utilities.

ConnectEd also provide financial counselling case management for individuals and families experiencing difficulty with utilities bills, no matter how simple or complex the situation.

To find out more or make an appointment please follow the links below.


Living Smart SA

Living Smart is a not-for-profit organisation, which aims to share knowledge with individuals and communities on how to live smarter, healthier and in more sustainable ways.

Offering a seven week course that brings people together to learn from and support each other, helping to create networks for like-minded people. Topics include living simply, waste, water, gardening or biodiversity, gardening for food, energy, healthy you, healthy home, transport and community.

For more information about living smart courses, please visit their facebook events page or contact their service via phone or email.


Residential Park Resident Concession

If you live in a residential or caravan park you may be eligible for the Residential Park Resident Concession which is a single combined concession to help with your energy, water and sewerage bills. You may also be eligible to receive the Cost of Living Concession.

No Emergency Services Levy (fixed property) concession is payable, as this levy is not normally charged to residents of residential parks.

To be eligible you must:

  • Occupy the property as your principal place of residence.
  • Hold an eligible concession card or receive an eligible Centrelink Payment.

For further information and to get the application form please go to the ConcessionsSA website below or contact the ConcessionsSA Hotline.



EnergySmart website shows South Australians ways to save power and reduce energy bills.

Visit the website below to access the 96 page Guide to Reducing Your Energy Bills and watch the EnergySmart videos.


SA Home Battery Scheme

The scheme has been designed to ensure every household on the grid is eligible to purchase a subsidised home battery system.

However, South Australian Energy Concession Holders will be able to access a higher subsidy, further assisting low-income households to access the Scheme.

To claim the subsidy (see subsidy terms), an approved battery system needs to be installed by a System Provider who is qualified under the Scheme.

For more information for eligibility, please call 08 8463 3555.


Renters Guide to Sustainable Living

This booklet helps guide you through the basics of what you can do to help reduce utilities costs and to live more sustainably. It was designed for Victoria and the Eastern states but has a lot of good information equally useful for South Australia.

Please check regarding differences regarding concessions and low income payment schemes mentioned.


Emergency Electricity Payment Scheme - EEPS

The Emergency Electricity Payment Scheme (EEPS) is to provide assistance to households in a financial crisis who are unable to pay their electricity debt. A payment of up to $400 is provided to low-income households who have been disconnected or are at risk of disconnection. Applicants are entitled to apply for an emergency electricity payment once every three years after the date of their last EEPS payment.

EEPS is only accessible through the assistance of a financial counsellor, who will assess your financial situation before lodging an application.

Please contact the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 (Mon to Thurs: 9.30am–8pm and Friday: 9.30am-4.30pm) to book an appointment with a financial counsellor. Financial counselling is a free, confidential and independent service.


Keeping your cool in a South Australian summer

The Summer Cooling Guide - provides a range of effective strategies to help keep your house cool over summer as well as indicating the average costs for cooling appliances and where they work best and extra information about the products available.

Extreme Heat - The heat waves experienced in a South Australian summer can be life threatening. Keeping safe in the heat particularly for older people, babies and people with ongoing health conditions needs careful management. SA Health's Extreme Heat guide is full of information about heat related conditions and staying safe.

Telecross REDi - For those vulnerable to heat and living alone or in isolated areas The Australian Red Cross provides Telecross REDi service which supports people by calling them daily during declared heatwaves to check on their well-being. Telecross REDi is activated when an extreme weather event is declared. If a call goes unanswered or if someone is in distress, an emergency procedure is activated to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the client.


Energy Retailers' Hardship Programs

All energy retailers in South Australia have programs available for customers who are experiencing financial hardship. If you are experiencing temporary or long term financial difficulties, speak to your energy retailer about their hardship program.

All energy retailers offer a hardship payment plan that takes into account ability to pay, debt owed, and expected energy consumption for next 12 months. It is important in accessing any hardship program to ONLY agree to sustainable payment plans. It is essential that you can afford to consistently make payments as agreed. Energy retailers will not disconnect people meeting the agreed payments within their hardship plan.

For people who need support in advocating payment arrangements ie: cannot afford the amount being requested by the energy provider, and an affordable amount cannot be reached, a good place to access help is the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007.

Contact numbers for energy retailers in South Australia are listed below.