Low Cost Meals & Meal Kits

Are you looking for a healthy and nutritious low cost meal or meal kit? For more information, see location details.


Puddle Jumpers

Puddle Jumpers provide a drive-by food collection service at various locations across Adelaide.

For a cash donation (a gold coin or what you can spare) they provide fruit, vegetables, bread and pantry items when available. All are welcome.

This service is available at the locations listed below at the specified times. Please note that the collection points are in car parks and Puddle Jumpers have asked that you remain in your vehicle to await instruction from their volunteers.


Lighthouse City Mission

Lighthouse City Mission provide free food, clothing & community of support for people who need it in the Port Adelaide or neighboring areas.

They provide free groceries, household essentials, clothing, a meal and/or just a cuppa & chat with the team.

To get assistance or support please complete the online form by submitting your details and one of the LCM team members will get in touch with you.

Alternatively you can call 1800 526 000 & leave a message for the team to get in contact.


Meals on Wheels South Australia

Meals on Wheels SA provides support to members of the community to live independently by providing fresh meals delivered to your door.

A three course meal is $15 and consists of a soup, main course and desert. MyAgedCare concessions can bring this down to $9 and in some cases as low as $4.75 depending on your benefits.

Who can get meals? Anyone can get meals. There are no restrictions or strict guidelines for receiving Meals on Wheels SA.

Anyone who can't shop or cook for themselves with ease, along with anyone who considers themselves 'in need' can receive meals.

This may include an elderly individual, someone recovering from a hospital visit, an individual with a disability or even a time poor family.

You can arrange meals for yourself or for someone else and if they need help filling out documentation for MyAgedCare concessions then they can guide you through the process.

If you would like to arrange a meals service subsidised by the Commonwealth Home Support Program, you will need to be registered with MyAgedCare.