Meals on Wheels South Australia

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Meals on Wheels SA provides support to members of the community to live independently by providing fresh meals delivered to your door.

A three course meal is $15 and consists of a soup, main course and desert. MyAgedCare concessions can bring this down to $9 and in some cases as low as $4.75 depending on your benefits.

Who can get meals? Anyone can get meals. There are no restrictions or strict guidelines for receiving Meals on Wheels SA. 

Anyone who can't shop or cook for themselves with ease, along with anyone who considers themselves 'in need' can receive meals. 

This may include an elderly individual, someone recovering from a hospital visit, an individual with a disability or even a time poor family.

You can arrange meals for yourself or for someone else and if they need help filling out documentation for MyAgedCare concessions then they can guide you through the process.

If you would like to arrange a meals service subsidised by the Commonwealth Home Support Program, you will need to be registered with MyAgedCare

During COVID-19 The personal visit from their client assessment officers may be modified to comply with social distancing measures. During normal times a visit from one of the volunteers can be that little bit of friendly interaction in many people's lives.

Last updated 8 October, 2020