The Salvation Army Sobering Up Unit

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25 August, 2017Health Care

Shelter in a safe, supportive environment for persons who are, due to their level of intoxication, assessed as being at risk of harm to themselves or others if not provided with a safe place to sober up.

- Assessment of the person’s level of intoxication, monitoring throughout the sobering up process, arranging medical intervention if necessary, providing basic physical needs such as a bed, clothing, bathing, laundry facilities and an appropriate meal;

- Responding to phone calls from members of the public, clients and their families;

- Advocacy, assistance and referral for clients seeking accommodation, medical, welfare, counselling and rehabilitation services.

- Encouraging clients to consider the harm and risk associated with their alcohol and/or drug use, giving information about medical detoxification services and rehabilitation programmes and arranging referral as appropriate.

No referral is required. Admission is based on a brief assessment when presenting at the unit.

Location: 62A Whitmore Square, Adelaide, SA 5000