Energy Made Easy - Compare Energy Prices

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A website to help you to understand and compare your residential electricity and gas, usage and prices against similar households in your area. It also provides a wide range of useful information to learn about energy related topics such as energy efficiency, contracts, bills, your rights and obligations, and the energy market.

You can display comparative estimated costs from local providers by entering a small amount of information available from your most recent energy bill. You can then directly compare these offers with your current provider as per kilowatt hours or usage needs. There are a range of self guided explanations to help you understand the information displayed on your bill.

Many providers offer cost big reductions for paying on time. Comparing these prices and offers you may be able to switch or contact your provider to see if they will compete for your business.

Energy Made Easy is an Australian Government website maintained by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

For more information, please visit the AER website.

This site also has information on :-

Understanding and comparing your electricity usage.

Understanding electricity contracts and tarriffs.

Energy efficency topics like saving energy around the home and understanding how home appliance energy ratings work.

Consumer rights and suppport.

Basic information on the market and how energy is supplied to customers in the different states and territories.

Last updated 22 July, 2019