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Welcome to You, Me & Money: Your Comprehensive Financial Toolkit for Couples

Welcome to You Me Money, the ultimate resource for couples seeking to manage their finances together effectively. You Me Money offers a tailored financial toolkit designed specifically to assist couples in navigating their financial journey with confidence and clarity.

What You, Me, & Money Offers

- Couples' Financial Resources: Dive into a collection of articles, guides, and tools crafted to address the unique financial needs of couples. From budgeting strategies to long-term financial planning, our resources cover every aspect of managing money as a team.

- Joint Budgeting Tools: Explore interactive budgeting tools and templates, perfect for couples looking to align their spending, saving, and financial goals. Whether you're combining finances or maintaining separate accounts, our tools make it simple to collaborate and stay organized.

- Relationship-Centered Advice: Gain valuable insights and tips from relationship and financial experts on how to navigate financial conversations, resolve conflicts, and strengthen your bond while managing money together.

- Tailored Solutions: You Me Money offers a financial toolkit tailored to meet the unique needs of couples, ensuring access to the resources and support necessary to achieve financial goals together.

- Relationship-First Approach: Prioritize the health of your relationship with tools and advice that promote open communication, trust, and collaboration when it comes to money matters.

- Actionable Strategies: The toolkit offers practical, actionable strategies that you can implement immediately to improve your financial situation and strengthen your partnership.

Embark on your journey to financial harmony and security as a couple by exploring the resources available on You, Me & Money. Whether you're just starting or have been together for years, the financial toolkit for couples is here to support you every step of the way.


YourSuper Comparison Tool

The YourSuper comparison tool serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking information and comparison of MySuper products in Australia. Here's what you need to know about how the tool works:

Key Features:

- Table Display: The tool presents a table of MySuper products ranked by fees and net returns, which is updated quarterly.

- Detailed Comparison: Users can select and compare up to 4 MySuper products at a time, accessing detailed information about each.

- Direct Links: By selecting a MySuper product from the table, users are directed to the respective super fund's website for further details.

- Personalisation: For personalized results, users can access the tool through myGov, which allows them to view their current super accounts alongside other MySuper products.

- Consolidation Assistance: The tool also provides links and guidance to help users consolidate their super accounts efficiently.

Information Sources:

- The information displayed in the comparison tool is provided by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), ensuring reliability and accuracy.

- APRA assesses the annual performance of each MySuper product, categorizing them as performing, underperforming, or not assessed based on predefined benchmarks.

Consecutive Underperformance:

- MySuper products rated as underperforming for 2 consecutive years face restrictions. They cannot accept new members until they achieve a performing rating.

- Employers using underperforming MySuper products as default funds must find alternative default fund options for new employees.

Using the Tool:

- Users can customize their search by adjusting the super balance and age to view relevant product options and fees.

- The tool allows comparison of shortlisted funds based on various metrics, including investment performance, net returns, fees, and investment strategy.

- By selecting a product for comparison, users can access detailed information about investment performance, past net returns, fees, and more.

- MySuper products, which are basic superannuation accounts without unnecessary features and fees, are the focus of comparison within the tool.

Making Informed Choices:

- Choosing the right super fund is crucial, considering factors such as performance, fees, insurance, and investment options.

- The YourSuper comparison tool provides valuable insights to help users make informed decisions about their super funds.

- After using the tool, individuals may contact their chosen super fund to open an account, discuss insurance options, or access other features.

The YourSuper comparison tool empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their super funds, ensuring they select options that align with their financial goals and needs.