Ambulance Cover

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Health Care

Ambulance costs are not covered by Medicare and even if you have private health insurance, your policy may not cover the cost of an ambulance.

Many private health insurance schemes only cover you and your family for emergency ambulance services. Many illnesses or injuries require additional patient transportation which are classified as ‘non-emergency’ (e.g. for tests, ongoing treatment or transfer to another hospital).

The cost of transport on an emergency call out is $976. 

If you have private health insurance you should check with your provider to find out if you are covered for ambulance transport and if so, your level of cover.

SA Ambulance cover includes all ambulance attendance within South Australia, with interstate coverage available for an additional amount.

View the full rates for Ambulance cover at the link below.

You cannot predict when or where; you or your loved ones will need an ambulance. The last thing you should ever do is make a decision about your medical condition based on finances.

Last updated 2 January, 2019